We are excited to have facilitated our sixth workshop with kids this year in 2021. In this session, we are reviewing young participants’ observational research they gathered on a field trip and working with them to reframe the experience on how they would design the donuts buying and eating experience for their favorite superhero.

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In July 2018, we had a successful workshop engagement with Communities In Schools, Chicago. The workshop was entitled Design Thinking Futures: A guide to problem-solving through empathy. In the course of the workshop, they were introduced to tools and methods that would help them better engage children, parents, and educational stakeholders in future scenarios.


In June 2018, we were a partner with the IIT, Institute of Design for the Design Intersection conference in Chicago. We interviewed leaders at the intersections of tech, design, and behavioral science. Although there were many great interviews that came out of this collaboration. Some of our favorites 5by5s include Access and Algorithms with Ruth Schmidt and Design, Data and Behavior in the Built Environment with Meghan Webster.


In June 2018, we partnered with the Service Design Network for the Midwest Conference. We interviewed industry leaders to understand what it means to establish trust and meaningful connections in-house and as consultants. Here is one of our favorites 5by5s from the event, by Robert Bau, Senior Director, Service Design at Fjord.


Our first engagement internationally was conducting interviews with leaders at the Sevice Design Network Global Conference in Madrid, Spain. On stage is the Co-Founder of the Service Design Network, Birgit Mager with design leadership from BBVA, Rob Brown and Derek White. Here you can find the interview with Rob about scaling service design. Also here is a link to other interviews with other leaders on the topic, 5by5: Five Perspectives on Scaling Service Design.

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We kicked-off the 5by5s at the First SDN US National Conference, in Chicago, Summer of 2017. On stage is Craig LaRosa, Principal Director at Frog. 5by5 interview with him and others leaders in the field can be found here, Five Perspective on Service Design in Retail.